Couple of questions about controlling plugin ui

the ALO plugin now has (imperfect) support for using MIDI note messages to enable/disable loops, as an alternative to using control ports.

This leads me to two questions: from with the plugin code (C program in my case)

  1. Is it possible to toggle a UI switch/port-value?
  2. Is it possible to detect whether or not a port is connected to an actuator?

Hi @devcurmudgeon,
I think, the LV2 specification states somewhere, that Plug-ins must not change their own control input ports. But I could not find it quickly to point you there.
My answer is:

  1. No.
  2. No, not with mod-host. That would be an LV2 extention.

Happy new year!

OK, thanks. So i think that means no way to make the UI reflect state based on the midi input messages… never mind.

Happy New Year to you too :slight_smile:

@devcurmudgeon Take a look at the x42-stepsequencers or the x42-autotune, they both provide visual feedback from the plugin code.

This link is probably interesting to you too:

Hope that helps!


Thanks, I’ll check those out :slight_smile: