Copying individual pedalboards between devices

What’s the easiest way to copy specific pedalboards between devices (rather than backing up and restoring the whole device, or using the public pedalboards library)?

In particular I’d like to move them from my Mod Duo to the Mod Dwarf. I don’t mind if it involves delving into the Linux filesystem (although if there’s an easier way that’s fine too!)



without backing up the whole thing…
you can “share” those pedalboards and later do the “try now” option on them.

or copy over ssh.

# fetch all pedalboards
scp -r root@*
# copy/replace all pedalboards
scp -r *.pedalboard root@
# restart webserver afterwards
ssh root@ systemctl restart mod-ui

Thanks very much - very useful.

On the Dwarf I tried (which I updated to the latest version of the software at the time), I found that I couldn’t download pedalboards from the Mod Devices site - I clicked the button to download but nothing seemed to actually happen. I was connected from my PC to the device using moddwarf.local - I wondered if it might have worked if I’d connected via the IP address but I didn’t get the chance to test that out. Should pedalboard downloading from the site currently be working with the Dwarf?


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Yes it should. But some new browser features seem to be blocking this feature, treating it as a form of malware.
Need to investigate this more.

Also, make sure you turn off browser extensions such as adblockers. Sometimes they interfere and end up blocking something that jams the process of installing a PB.