Copy plugin presets to new MOD device?


just received my Dwarf (Crowdfunding Edition - YAY!! :partying_face: )… one question for now:

i’ve got a bunch of presets in various plugins on my other devices (Duo and Duo X); is there a way to copy those (ideally with the ability to select a subset of them along the way) to the Dwarf, rather than having to recreate them all by hand?


a nice way, no, not at the moment.
but for those not afraid to get hands dirty, the presets live in /root/.lv2/, same folder where the plugins are stored. (which not everyone agrees is a good idea…)

we have discussed in the team the possibility of having an export-preset option, which would just give a tar of the preset file(s). then an equivalent import option, of course.
it is not on the roadmap for now though.