Converting midi notes in pc

Is there a plug-in that allows me to convert notes played via midi into the Dwarf into midi program changes? Example: My Dwarf controls the patches of my HX Stomp (with the mindi plug-in). If I play a C on the keyboard Dwarf should then convert that to run a pc on e.g. patch number 10 on the HX Stomp. The Note2cc I have already found, but that seems to be able to only cc.

Check out mindi

Hi, unfortunately this does not work with mindi. I want to send ProgammChanges with a Midi controller (the Noise Machine) over the Dwarf to my HXStomp. The Mindi has no Midi-In, which could react to the incoming Midi notes. But I’m already discussing this with Robin, the programmer of the Midi-Note2CC plug-in. He says that in principle it would not be complicated to convert the plug-in to PC. One would have to consider only, how one should cofigure the mapping best.

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Cool that you are discussing it with the dev :slight_smile:
Quick question: are you able somehow to make the Noise Machine output Program change? If yes you can simple connect it’s MIDI In on the Dwarf to the MIDI out of the Dwarf and connect the MIDI out of the Dwarf into the HX

Hi Jon, unfortunately the Noise Machine can really only do notes at the current state. Unfortunately, PC is probably further down the road on their roadmap. I think the makers of the Noise Machine are completely busy with the delivery of the Kickstarter orders. Should be quite familiar to you :-).

But I got feedback from Robin yesterday evening. He has even built the plugin so far. However, he probably won’t be able to build a MOD GUI in the next two weeks because he can’t make MODF binaries himself right now. He has already emailed @falkTX about this. Who needs Batman when he has such a Robin :-).

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Yes I have talked with him, the plugin is already created.
But because it is part of a big bundle, we need to do the update carefully. Can’t just update it outright, need to check the changes between Robin’s latest version and ours, and ensure no breakage will occur.
I added it to my list of tasks.

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Hi, no need to hurry. I’m already amazed that this is possible at all. :slight_smile:

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Little more personal note here: that’s exactly why I’m a huge fan of MIDI editors for MIDI controllers :grin:

Oh yeah…especially if it was a device/campaign from last year…

Yes, I was backer No.6 and received it about 2 weeks ago :-). So they still have a lot to do :slight_smile:

Best of luck for them :slight_smile: