Converting incoming program change to CC?

Just wondered if there’s a plugin that will convert Program Change to CC toggle - I’ve got an old MIDI controller that only outputs PC that I’d love to try using it with the DuoX :slight_smile:


You may be able to do this using the Mindi plugin.

Set Mindi to send the CC you want, and then configure the value parameter to be controlled by the MIDI device PC.

I can’t test it right now, but as long as you can assign the PC to the plugin parameter I think it should work.

Edit: I tested it, and apparently you can’t assign PC to parameters.

Based on some quick research it seems PC is reserved for banks in MOD devices, although in the 10 minutes I messed with it I couldn’t get that to work either. Confirmed with a MIDI monitor on my PC that my device was sending the PC’s properly.

Maybe PC parameter assignment is something that can be opened up at some point?

Also, I wasn’t able to find a MIDI monitor plugin. Is there some way to monitor the MIDI events on MOD devices?

Maybe you had a “miss-alignment” of MIDI channels from the MIDI controller to the MOD device. The MOD devices understand in the format of channels from 1 to 16 and some MIDI devices from 0 to 15.

@solobasssteve I believe that there’s no plugin to convert that, but I will take a better look at it.

Thanks guys! It seems to me like a pretty obvious utility to add to the midi suite, given how many old controllers don’t transmit CC messages at all. So many recent pieces of gear require continual upgrades in peripherals, it’d be great if MOD enabled the repurposing of old MIDI controllers for modern usage :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


Indeed @solobasssteve! Save the “MIDI controller waste”
Yet, there’s a workaround:
You can use PC messages to change snapshots and use the snapshots to change values of the plugins on the pedalboard.
Would that work for you?