Controlling the Dwarf via MIDI

Here’s a use case that I can’t quite my head around. I have a Helix. Will I able to send midi messages direct from Helix to Dwarf to trigger things like drum patterns and sequences, etc., that I’ve built on the desktop?

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Hi @srednivashtar, you can definitely send MIDI from the Helix to the Dwarf.
When you say that you want to trigger drum patterns and sequences that you had built on the desktop, do you mean that you pre-recorded on your desktop or that you developed using the Dwarf WebGui?

Thanks Jon. I mean (hopefully) sequences and patterns developed in the WebGui with the sequencers and Noisemaker, etc. I’m envisaging these being stored in the Dwarf and triggered by the Helix.

@srednivashtar as long as you can output MIDI messages from the Helix, you can use the MIDI port of the Dwarf to input them and then map to whatever you want/need.
The Dwarf will recognize your Helix as any common MIDI controller.

Sounds great, thanks!

Hello Jon,
I manage a guitar pedal board with a midi controller (moningstar) , having several systems as Source Audio Neuro Hub and TC PX5.
I am curious to know the midi implementation of the Dwarf ?
Using scenes on SA pedals and boards on PX5, my main problem is the time to change scenes/boards/snapshots by midi.
Does it exist some similar concept on Dwarf where I will be able to call in memory a set of effects, and if so how long will be the commutation time ?
There are here many detail when the effect board is commuting, as for example could the sound of reverbs/delays persist during transition, another would be when the set is activated how are the bypass status (The PX5 always store the last one, so its difficult to have a permamnet status of bypass and levels…).


Hi Christian,

So you can use Progam Change messages to swap between pedalboards and/or snapshots. Any CC message you can map to any parameter on your pedalboard.
The commutation time between snapshots is normally really fast since it keeps the same pedalboard (can’t give you a time measure, but we are talking about ms). Regarding the computation between pedalboards, it depends a lot on how “heavy” is your pedalboard since it needs to load each plugin that you have there. If you have only a couple of plugins it will be as fast as a snapshot, if you have a lot of plugins it will take longer.
Regarding the tails of delays and reverbs, there’s no tail when you change a pedalboard or snapshot. Yet we just released a mixer plugin that can provide you a nice workaround on that.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

All the best,

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