Controlling Mod-Host through socket port 5555

Hi, I know maybe this is not the right place to ask but this is from Mod-host page:

“If you run mod-host without options the process will be forked and it can only be controlled through the socket. The default socket port is 5555, this can be changed by passing the option -p (or --socket-port) to mod-host.”

How do I send commands to this port to control mod-host directly without using mod-ui?

I saw there’s a way to command mod-host through mod-ui using curl at the command line, but what I want to know is how mod-ui communicate with mod-host internally.

Thank you very much…

well, you open a socket on port 5555 and send data to it.
the messages are the same as in the command-line interactive mode.

if you stop mod-ui though, a few things in the controller screen will stop working, or even freeze.
the controller firmware expects mod-ui to be there, in order to know the list of banks, pedalboard, set up the tuner and things like that.

one example of how to quickly and easily send data to mod-host is with the telnet utility. It would be kind of cool to develop a “official” remote cli, like when the utility is run in interactive mode.

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