Controlling a single parameter with multiple knobs

I’ve searched the forum but have not found a direct solution for this. I apologize if this is covered elsewhere, but I was unable to find an answer.

I’d like to assign my master volume parameter to the same knob on all subpages - see the image below as an illustration.

Similar requests that my search dug up contain responses suggesting CV workarounds, but that doesn’t appear to work, as I can only assign one CV output per parameter.

If I’m correct, it would require 1 Control to CV plugin, and 1 Volume 2x2 plugin for each knob. That would quickly add up to 5-6% of CPU usage just for these 3 knob assignments.

If there is a simpler solution that I’m overlooking, it would be appreciated.

Is it a hard “no” that this will ever be made possible in the assignment matrix itself?


Do you mean to give a multi-assignment to the same parameter? Like gain parameter in Knob 1 page 1, but also on page 2 or/and 3?
If yes, I’m afraid that is not currently possible

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I’ve done stuff like this, using CV, and I don’t think it ate up 5-6% of CPU at all.

My experience has been CV connections and blocks don’t take much CPU. But if you have tried it and seen a jump, then possibly there are other ways to configure what you want which are less CPU intense.

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Sorry, I miss-spoke.

Connecting one knob to multiple parameters is easy with CV and doesn’t seem to eat up much CPU. I do that all the time.

However I was not able to reliably have two knobs alter one parameter. The issue is probably that if each knob can change the same setting, when you switch pages, the knob needs to return to a ‘passthrough’ mode, but which of the multiple knobs would it listen to?

I set up a basic example, which looks like this:

Each Control to CV is set to the same knob on different pages.
The sum output of the Slew Rate goes to the volume knob.

This will seem to work the first time around. One knob affects the sum output, and that connects to the volume. Switch pages, and then yup, it seems to work, the second assignment (same knob different page) also affects the sum output and controls the volume. But then it falls apart. At some point the knob stops working, and switching between pages does not help. I believe if you have Control to CV set at either extreme, they cancel each other out - not sure.

Possibly there is a way to expand on this, so that each input uses different ranges, and then this gets limited back down to what you want for the volume knob. Not ideal.


I am seconding the ask for this - to allow for a single knob to be sticky across different pages.

Having multiple volume plug-ins per knob would not work because each of them would affect the volume. If you set one to zero, the next one in line can’t change that (if I understood the initial post).


@S_Righteous Yeah I have yet to solve this with CV routing.

@jon Do you think this might ever be implemented? See my screenshot above, it seems like it would just be a matter of allowing non-exclusive assignments in the matrix. I could of course be overlooking something though.

In a DAW I’m able to assign multiple knobs to a single parameter with no ill side effects. That’s similar to what we’d be doing here.

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Yeah, I just tried a slightly different CV method, but having one knob left at full when switching pages, meant that the second knob couldn’t ‘reduce’ the full signal from the abandoned page. I did some workaround, none were ideal.

I think it’s quite complicated to have two knobs control one setting, for a variety of reasons, so I hope an easier option, is just to allow a single knob assignment to appear on more than one page - same knob, but sticky like the volume knob is. Then there is nothing complex in the signal path at all.


Yes. But we don’t really know when. We already talked a bit about that, but what seems simple on the front end sometimes is not so easy to develop on the backend.
The issue here is on the structure of the assignment system.