Control one parameter with two assignments

I’m new to the Mod Duo X and loving it. I’m looking for a workaround (if there is any) to allow a single parameter to receive info from two different sources.

An example would be a knob that controls a parameter, where I also want to be able to use a button to reset that knob to the center position. Many options for panning, filter, routing, etc. - will allow a negative value, and a positive value, but getting the knob to exactly the center is not easy - there is no ‘detente’ position on the physical knobs.

So far, I can’t seem to use midi and the Duo X knobs/buttons together to control a single parameter in the way I would prefer.

Has someone done this sort of thing already?

Hi @S_Righteous and thank you for your post.
In theory, you can only assign one parameter of your pedalboard per physical actuator (being it MIDI or on the device and considering as different actuators the pages system of the DuoX).
Yet, I suggest you explore and get creative with the CV objects. You may find a solution that solves your needs.
I would suggest you start on this tutorial on the MOD wiki

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Thanks jon, I will check out that tutorial.

I had also considered that using midi objects would solve my problem. I could send a midi note to a block that makes a chord. Those three new notes could go to three things to turn them on or off.

However I only now realize that midi objects can’t have their output sent to an effect plug-in to control it. This seems weird - and so I assume I am missing something?

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That’s exactly the beauty of MOD platform, you can get creative and find a solution to solve really peculiar issues (and you will probably find some way) :slight_smile:

Indeed you are not able to send MIDI objects output to control parameters on plugins, yet you can do it with CV objects. It’s more a matter of semantics.

I think in the old days of this forum, someone proposed a clever simple hack consisting in simply using a midi cable to loop the midi out into the midi in, hence allowing the Mod to act as a controller for itself.

At the time, I wanted to create plugin that could act as a virtual “external” controller and do all sort of crazy routing but I never finalized the idea.


The CV control is the way to go for sure. There is no need to split the signal to different plug-ins, multiple plug-ins can use the same CV control - excellent!