Control click to copy (with settings)

Not sure if this would be possible, but it would be awesome if you could CTRL + click on a plugin and have it duplicate (with same settings) for placing a copy on your pedalboard.


Hi @fox,

Do you run into this issue a lot? Looking at the shared pedalboards, I feel like not a whole lot of users use duplicate plugins at all, apart from basic plugins like the gain and gain 2x2.

Currently the easiest way to do this is to save your current settings of the plugin as a preset (in the plugin configuration screen), dragging another one of those plugins in there, and loading that preset.

From using the MOD Duo for a while now in the office I can say that it is quite nice to have the presets you use a lot saved, since it saves a lot of time in creating new setups.


I have so far. There are many situations I might want to make a quick copy of a plug (quickly):

  1. To double a distortion so I can stack them.
  2. To use the same plug in a stereo set up
  3. To have several reverbs or delayed or stacked.

The method you suggest works, it’s just doesn’t flow nearly as well.


I agree with @fox

It would be a nice shortcut to have. Not essential but very handy

for now there is the workaround to save the current settings of the plugin as a plugin preset, then add a copy and load that preset. You probably realized that though.

Not an essential function for me, but since it does not clutter the interface it is definitely nice to have.

Thank you for showing your interest in this feature guys, it is always nice to hear what our community wants.

We hear you, but we do feel that there are more useful features that we can implement.

For now, it is noted in our backlog, although I can not make any promises on when to expect the feature.