Continued delays in shipping?

I pre ordered Mod Duo X to use for a specific show thinking it was shipping in December when we were told it would ship in February, a delay of 2 months. So I thinking ok, I still have time to prep for this show. And now I hear it’s not shipping till the END of February and actually there has been no real follow up for folks who paid full price for the preorder thinking we’d get the in December. Now, it will actually be a 3 month delay (again with no official update). I am now doubting that it will even ship this month. Can we get a straightforward, honest response on when we should expect to recieve this product?

We are doing our best to get everything on time.
Software-wise v1.9 already has support for the new CPU used in the new models.
We have it working as intended (booting, handling audio, installing updates, etc etc) and we are verifying all the hardware right now.


What does ON TIME mean? It’s already past on time. Can you be more specific?

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I meant end of February, sorry that was unclear.

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Hi @Dameun_Strange

I’m sorry you have time pressures to use the unit.
I also apologize for the delay, which we have communicated back in December.

I believe our team has replied to you via Instagram in the past weeks. As we go through every single interaction with users, I couldn’t find a question that was not addressed. If any of your questions made via social media were not replied, please let me know.

We talked about your case, specifically, as our social-media manager was especially concerned due to the curse words you have used. I understand you’re upset and you have the right to be.

The team is ready to deliver still in February, as it has been announced since the delay. This has never changed and we chose not to flood your inbox with unnecessary messages. Here in the forum we periodically post updates. You’ll see several of the users engaged in those conversations.

We’ve never presented a specific date because we don’t have it. Components come from other parts of Germany and around the world - including China. Besides, there’s a list of orders to be fulfilled and that will happen chronologically.

On top of that, today we became suspicious the current coronavirus epidemic may slow down the arrival of enclosures. It has postponed the Chinese New Year - what to say a couple of hundreds of aluminum enclosures? Gianfranco is waiting for an email from our Chinese partners before confirming it in an official email.

So, as you can see, now there are new variables and they can incur in delays.
Once again, I’d like to highlight we can refund your money at any second if you wish - in that case, I’d personally see to give you a discount after the pre-order phase, once our retail units are in stores. That way you can still have a product superior to what was initially offered by the price you’re paying now.

It would be a shame to see you depart from the community, but you’re certainly not forced to wait.

Once again, I apologize for the delays and wish you all the best in your gigs.


I posted a separate topic a couple of weeks ago about the coronavirus and the expression pedal. Are the enclosures coming from the same factory?

When I first heard about the coronavirus my first thought was “Holy S**T! The ENTIRE EFFING universe is conspiring against us.” Then I realized - people are dying.

I wanted the expression pedal several yesterdays ago, but I know it will have been well worth the wait.

Many thanks to all the moddevices crew!


Dave, this is not about the coronavirus. One, it seems like a convenient excuse for poor production planning that will inevitably mean another delay. Two, if production of the Mod Duo X had been well thought out, then the coronavirus would bot be a factor. Yes, people are dying AND this is not what this is about. This is about a company with awful customer service. I have been a beta tester for two software companies and one hardware company. And on top of this have managed a customer service phone room. So, I know what this should look like. So, while I appreciate your comment, it has nothing to do with my original post.

What you don’t understand, from a customer service standpoint, is that you are holding my money and the money of customers without delivering on a promise of a product. And so over communication about something owed to me and other customers is not an issue. In fact, I have preordered from Korg and Roland in the past and I was consistantly following up with me and as such I am a repeat customer. I also used a small shop notation software back when they had one customer service rep who ran that department impeccably which is why I have stuck with them over Finale and Sibelious for a decade now. You should actually be following up each month at minimum. The last communication which was also prompted a message I sent was December. That was over 2 and a half months ago. I am not asking for me personally but for EVERYONE who may have expected this product in December. Your communication regarding delays by any professional standard has been unacceptable.

I will address the swearing:

I will point out that I did ask “what the fuck?” which in the US is hardly swearing. Also, I did not use that language in public forum.

You should hire a customer service professional as this seems to continue to be an issue. And, if this is a production issue, perhaps you should assess you capacity to deliver and cut off preorders when you know you beyond your capacity, again, this was an issue before Coronavirus, from my exploration of the forum, it appears this was the same issue with the initial launch.

I expect another communication next week regarding the time line and then the following week until delivery of the product.

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It is related to the Corona virus though, because without it we would know, right now, when the pieces we are missing would be in the Berlin office. We are getting an answer on this later today (or tomorrow). It is very hard to give any answer/feedback, when we ourselves are also waiting on that.

I have a prototype of it here with me by the way, and since a few (internal) builds now we have the old and new cpu models working with the same image. But I kinda mentioned that already.

My point is that your lack of official communication for 2 months on the delay has nothing to do with RECENT coronavirus events. This is an issue with your internal structure and policies and again seems to be consistent theme in other areas of the forum. You all aren’t really reading what I’m saying. Which is another issue. Not sure if it’s a translation issue or what.

I was commenting on the specific issues that I am responsible for.

But to your point, what we expect from companies is not always the same.
And the forums we handle as we can, sometimes we do not know how to answer something.

A standard of professionalism is what I expect from every company especially when they have my money and haven’t delivered on the promised product. It is ridiculous that have to ask a forum for follow ups that should be standard customer service practice.

Hi @Dameun_Strange

You can expect another official update regarding the Duo X shipping until February 18th.
I’ll point out that it’s likely to be delayed. All the development is in time but people in China haven’t yet got back to their offices. It’s yet to be confirmed.

Once again: MOD doesn’t have absolutely any intention of holding your money.
You can get your refund at any time and you’ll receive a discount later on in case you still decide to join the community.

Thanks for your understanding.

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Have you ever thought about being a professional customer as much as you expect professionalism from the MOD team?
You are buying cutting edge technology in the effect sector from a company which is not a big global player, but a small team of enthusiasts doing their best to server their customers with great support, a living forum, quality products at reasonable prices. Your newest piece of gear, one of the most powerful effect processor today, is delayed, so what the fuck? It will arrive when it’s ready for you. Use some crappy other stuff in the meantime. This is what I did when I waited for my Duo X for almost a year. Deal with it and don’t steal precious development time from the MOD team and accusing them to be unprofessional. Sorry, but you are acting like my son when he was 5 years old…


Nice, a troll. Lol.


Okay, I just can’t resist - the Quote of the Moment from slashdot:

“Disraeli was pretty close: actually, there are Lies, Damn lies, Statistics, Benchmarks, and Delivery dates.”

Not meant as a knock against anyone - I guess I’m just one of those people for whom humor is a knee-jerk response…


I actually appreciate the humor, Dave.

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The Coronavirus situation hasn’t gotten better, it’s only gotten worse. There’s no end in sight as of right now, either. I think predictions of a year or better for this to clear up are quite modest.
It isn’t business as usual any longer. My company is being effected as well, and we’re nothing to do with electronics.

There’s a lesson in all of this too, a lesson in globalism. People will have different takes on it. Although, it cannot be said that perils like this were not foreseen.
At this point, a company like moddevices would be wise to cultivate solutions within their home country.