Connecting Boss EV-1-WL to Dwarf

I have a Boss EV-1-WL and for some reason it’s sending CC messages but it needs to send it out on CC11, for the Mod Dwarf to recognize it. But the Boss reverts back to CC01. Is there anyway to access the midi on the Mod Dwarf?

I don’t understand why you want CC11, any midi message should work out of the box… Do you connect with jack or USB ?

According to the manual you need to Push on the toe switch which will toggle between cc01 and cc11.

Have a look at this

Also, some controller sends cc from 1 to 128, others from 0 to 127

IIRC dwarf expects 0-127, so you may need to subtract 1 when assigning them

Yes I’ve done that, and it doesn’t switch… I think even though it doesn’t say the batteries are low, I might change them anyway…

When I do switch it to CC11 The Mod Dwarf then proceeds to recognize the Boss pedal and work. It hasn’t worked in a while. I’m using the Boss pedal as a expression pedal cause Mod Audio people has a delay in getting their expression pedal out to the market.

So, let me try to summarize.

You have a plugin with a parameter (e.g. volume, wha…) that you would like to assign to the expression pedal CC

  • connect the pedal to the dwarf, via USB or via TRS?

  • configure your pedal to send CC01

  • In the web gui assign your plugin parameter to midi as in MOD Web GUI User Guide - MOD Wiki , then move the pedal. at this point you should see the parameter change as you move the pedal. What happens instead?

What happens when you do the same process with the pedal sending CC11?

Also, I see that the pedal configuration can be tweaked with a free Android/IOS App (EV-1-WL Editor or something like that). Could you consider using it?


yeah… i use the BOSS android app to set the EV-1-WL CC messages to whatever i want… works great!

I took a break from using the Mod Dwarf but I’ll be going back to using it shortly. I have other units that I use in the meantime, (Quad Cortex, Helix Stomp, Zoom MS-6B+) but the Mod Dwarf is my favorite due to its size and capabilities. I will try other option that I recently acquired to help in the midi process. Thanks guys for your help and suggestions

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