Connecting a usb gadget device to MOD

Hi guys, I am interested to get a Raspberry Pi Zero (w) and connect it to my MDX as a midi device via USB A port. (basically to offload some midi stuff processing I need to the RPI and be able to write that midi processing in a friendly python)

To my knowledge, RPI0 can be switched into USB Gadget mode (similar to how mod devices connect to pc), and emulate midi device while connected to PC.

Would this approach work for MDX? At this moment I do not know if rpi0 USB gadget midi capabilities are class compliant.

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If it’s not class-compliant midi then it wouldn’t be a very effective midi device (and you’d need to install special drivers any time you use it?).

I expect it to just show up as any other midi device, so it should work.

Linux USB Audio and Midi Gadgets are class compliant.

Just use g_midi.


Thanks, that’s exactly what I needed to know. Knowing that - I can order rpi0 and meanwhile invest into writing code on rpi4 which can be powered from my PC but is too power greedy for MDX.