Connect to Jamulus Server

Jamulus is a low latency audio client server protocol that allows to jam/rehearse online with your friends in real time.

A plugin to send and receive from a Jamulus server would be nice. No computer needed to rehearse online!

But first we need to get an internet connection without a computer or phone. Are usb ethernet dongles supported? I wonder how much latency they would add?

It’s a pity an ethernet port is not built in. Wifi is also an option but jitter is much bigger so cabled ethernet is recommended for Jamulus.

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In v1.14 the “ethernet” device is going to be enabled with DHCP, as needed to get some USB-tethering stuff working (so this becomes a free extra).

The best way to go about it is to find an audio plugin that does audio over jamulus stuff, then build a custom modgui to replace the typical desktop one.

That is expected in my opinion as this is a very niche feature. A lot of people, when playing on stage, intentionally do not want to connect to the internet


When you refer to plugin do you mean the “effects” that are used on the pedalboards?

I was thinking that with a Jamulus plugin there would be no need to have a custom modgui. The plugin would have an input and an output. We would connect the input of the jamulus plugin to the output of the last plugin in the pedalboard. This would send the processed audio to the jamulus server.

Then we would connect the output of the jamulus plugin (audio returned from the jamulus server) to the output 1 or 2 of the device, so we can ear the other connected players.

No need to use a custom modgui, just a custom plugin (effect). Or am I missing something?

how would you configure which server the plugin connects to if there is no gui for it?

I was missing the obvious. :grinning:

As I never used any mod device I was assuming that in the plugin configuration page we could do that, but it’s just knobs and switches I suppose.

There’s an alternative to Jamulus called Sonobus that works as a plugin but it appears to be only VST3, which is how I’m using it.

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Thanks for mentioning Sonobus. It seems that the main difference to Jamulus is that it is Peer to Peer while Jamulus is Client Server.

As a quick hack, is it possible that the plugin reads a configuration file that the user uploads via ssh or some other way?

for local experiments, sure I guess… someone would run the plugin on the desktop first, then make the needed directories and copy the config file into a MOD unit