Configuring the network interface in ubuntu 17.04


I upgraded my system to ubuntu 17.04 sometimes in the last few months and had to change some settings in my mod. It seems with the installation I have the automatic configuration of the ethernet over USB interface does not work anymore. Thus for future reference and other users in a similar situation I share this:

  1. Find out what the ethernet interface is named by looking at the dmesg output after plugging in the powered on MOD DUO. Look for a line like this:

[Mon Jun 11 18:01:27 2018] cdc_ether 1-5:1.0 enp0s18f2u5: renamed from usb0

So the name is enp0s18f2u5 in my case

  1. Set the network address manually using the ip tool. ifconfig seems to be deprecated in favor of the tool ip, so that’s why I use here…

sudo ip address change dev enp0s18f2u5

In this step it’s important to give the netmask in the form /16 at the end of the address

  1. Bring the network interface up

sudo ip link set enp0s18f2u5 up

  1. Point your browser to and you should see the interface

Is the problem that the interface is not brought up automatically or that it comes up with the wrong address ?

Both! It is neither brought up, nor is the address configured automatically. What’s the mechanism over which this should be done automatically? Is it zeroconf/avahi? Possibly the configuration of those are broken in ubuntu 17.04?

zeroconf/avahi would resolve the address automatically, whatever the actual ethernet address (using “modduo.local” instead of

For bringing the interface up, you might want to create a udev rule (which would basically run your set of commands automatically when the USB device is detected)