Componental Dubby - similar device

Hello all device lovers,

what do you think of this device: Componental Dubby

In your view, what is the main difference to Mod Dwarf?
Can it do the same things or can these sounds & functionalities be programmed in the Mod Dwarf?



First off, I have to say that it looks really cool! After reading the article and watching the video, I’d say it’s pretty different from anything MOD makes. It appears to have very different goals, as it is demonstrated as a beat-making machine in the video. It also is a very different class of device in terms of tech specs. It appears to be a single 480MHz ARM Cortex M7 and focused on a single function at a time (they refer to them as algorithms). A MOD device could probably run one (or more) of these algorithms as a plugin, but it’d likely need to be ported, though support of gen and PD might make that easier.


Something tells me that this is based on the Daisy platform :thinking:

Other than doing audio DSP there is no comparison with MOD and I wouldn’t call this a “similar device”.

The MOD units run a full OS and can run multiple plugins, chained up in various ways, at the same time.
While this device can only do one thing at once. Main advantage being that there is no OS so it will boot near instantly.

it would be great to be able to run these algos on the Dwarf, though.

If you have the source-code, you could potentially create a plugin using it.