Companion plugin for external MIDI control buttons

Hi, just to let you know I have no issues with your plugin on my Dwarf. Thanks a lot for you effort!

@zwabo: I faced the same problem you described, but I found out that I was building the code without specify the “moddwarf” platform option, so I was creating incompatible binaries.

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Love it! Thanks so much. Would you still please grab the latest source code? I removed a part of the code that was causing a compile time warning, and I didn’t need that code. I also got rid of some logging that may cause performance issues. If you grabbed the code after I commited those changes some 14 hours ago, this should be good.

I will still create compiled versions.
@falkTX - how do I appeal to have it added to the beta store? Much appreciated.

typically you would just ping me, but a lot of stuff happening behind the scenes right now, best to ping me again about it in 2 weeks.


@njsiva, I have built the latest version (commmit 313035b878ea802519efd514d4566e4a08bd33bf) and successfully installed and used iton my dwarf. I can successfully load it in a pedalboard and assign toggles to both HMI buttons and MIDI CC, and it is working as expected.

Great job.


I tried to build it but without success… could you share the .lv2 folder ?

You can find it here: control-button-board_DWARF.tgz - Google Drive

and this is what i did to build (on mpb docker)

cd mod-plugin-builder/plugins/package/
git clone
cd ../../
./build moddwarf-new control-button-board
file /root/mod-workdir/moddwarf-new/target/usr/local/lib/lv2/control-button-board.lv2/ 
cp -vr /root/mod-workdir/moddwarf-new/target/usr/local/lib/lv2/control-button-board.lv2/ /home/giorgio/
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Thank you so much @Zavorra

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Nice, works perfectly.
@Zavorra Thanks
@njsiva Thanks a lot, a great help to save space on my main PB.


… much cleaner and 10% less cpu !
Thanks again njsiva.



That is awesome! Many thanks for sharing.
But it looks like the modgui folder didn’t get copied over in the docker build. All that time I spent building the UI :laughing: .
I have to fix the makefile. I am assuming all those tuna tins are this plugin.

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Your modgui folder added. Thanks again.