Colombo Pedal Taster

The third Christmas gift for our beloved users, the Colombo Pedal Taster!

Made in partnership with Colombo Audio Electronics, the Colombo Pedal Taster contains static neural models from all modes of the Colombo pedals in a simple easy to use plugin.

Hope you all enjoy!!

Gianfranco, aka The MOD Father


This is confusing at least, how it is related to the other three colombo plugins? What do static model means here? This one is free?

Static models are “snapshots” of a state of the pedal. There are no ajustments inside the model and all you can do is to adjust the ins and outs of the pedal.

The commercial Colombo pedals are all dynamic models. These models are made with multiple captures, excursioning the knobs through their entire range and then letting the AI put them together. In these models, when you are adjusting the gain knob, you are tweaking the model internally and you have the full range of the pedal available to you, instead of a single state.

The amps from AIDA are the same. The Gain/Volume knobs you see on the Vibro, JCVM, Tweaker and Twin are dynamic controls, made from multiple captures.

The AIDA Showcase, just like the Colombo Pedal Taster, has static snapshot models of all the AIDA amps for free.


Thanks Gianfranco, it makes sense :+1:

On mobile I didn’t noticed that they are neural models of the actual plugins

My bad

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To give a bit more of context, NAM and ToneX models are all static too. That is why people publish those “packs” of models, so to cover the entire range of sounds of the amps.

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Glorious! The model is so tasty. I think this model of taster plugins that get you excited about the real deal but are usable in themselves is a good one. Having the full thing with audio dropouts might leave a bad taste in one’s mouth, but getting a usable static model that gets you excited about the dynamic one means you’ve got something usable while you save up some scratch to buy the real thing. It is an impressive sounding thing in this form. I will start searching the couch cushions for loose change.