Collision drive dynamic!

Concret application with audio to cv conversion and plugin control with this excellent Collision drive plugin.


Sounding pretty nice :wink:
Why not submit this pedalboard in our Pedalboard contest? :slight_smile:

Why not if I have enough time. I’m pretty busy this week.
And I’ve some other ideas for this pedalboard.
I discovered CV stuff and want to explore more in depth
I reproduced the Whammy Ricochet and now want to reproduce the Tripletelegraph from coppersound.
Mod Device is amazing, a true chameleon!


Not a lot of time is needed, the minimum effort would be to literally copy-paste your post here there :slight_smile:
(of course, a video would make us really happy, but it’s not a “must” :wink: )

Hmm interesting, I believe that you may end up with something that really fits on what we are looking for.

Thank you for the nice words


Where can I find info about the contest?

Edit: Just found it :wink:

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Yeah…I was a bit silly and didn’t pin it here. But now it should appear on the top of the list. Anyway…All of you reading this can find it here.
We are really excited to check your pedalboards and…remember: there’s no right or wrong :wink: (That is one of the most interesting things in the MOD platform, I would say :wink: )