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We need to be sure to not confuse two things here:

  • Pedalboards
  • “Scene of FX”

Pedalboards are “heavy-weight” items, think like a saved session in your DAW. Do you switch save sessions on your DAW during a song? Me neither :slight_smile: So we don’t switch pedalboards during the song.

“Scenes” on the other hand, can be created by the user - with a togglebox of sorts. If the current toggle-boxes are not good enough, we can request better / different ones that do have the features we request.

@Skydiver: I see your setup as having say 4 different “scenes”:

  • Intro
  • Verse
  • Chorus
  • Solo
    (or maybe 5, with Bridge/Outro, or 6… )

These 5-or-so scenes needs to be switched in the same pedalboard in order for it to work glitch-free while on stage.

How do you want to control switching scenes:

  • Right foot-button = next
  • Left foot-button = previous?

Cheers, -Harry

I’d like to be able to call any scene directly by a MIDI PC for each.
A simple previous/next function would be too limited.

For me a scene is just a way to turn on/off multiple plugins at one time within the same pedalboard.


I think it would be best to be able to assign this the way you want. I may want to use an external midi switch like SoftStep. But for now using Right=Next and Left=Previous would work great. However, I don’t know how this would work if a Tuner is implemented. Maybe press and hold will make it go into Tuner mode and mute the outputs or pass through (user definable)? I know I’m getting ahead of myself here… Just want to make sure the development team is keeping these things in mind.

It’s really nice to be a part of this conversation. Thanks for listening!

A “scene” is what we are internally calling a “Pedalbboard preset”

This is coming soon and the idea is exactly to be able to change lots of different parameters instantly within the same pedalboard.

Probably on v.1.2 or v1.3


[Edit] Just saw Gianfranco’s post above this one. What he said.[/Edit]
I see a scene as a snapshot of the paramater state of all the pedals on the pedalboard. I figure you could either assign a scene to a footswitch, or maybe have an up/down mechanism with the l/r footswitch. The key here is that it isn’t to do with switching the signal path like with a toggle box etc. With a scene I could completely change the amp settings, and turn on the chorus pedal, rather than having two amp models run in parallel with a switcher in front of them.

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Hi @guysherman

That is exactly what we have in mind.

Addressing the scene will have two different modes:

1 - List addressing: just like we do with Plugin Presets, the list of Pedalbaord Presets will be addressable both to the knobs as to the footsitches (round robin navigation).

2 - a single state: addressable to a footswitch for instantaneous loading.



I’ve JUST got my ModDuo and am REALLY enjoying exploring what it will do. But just to add to what’s being said here about multiple controls from a single button - that was the biggest surprise so far, that it wasn’t already possible. Is there a reason why it isn’t?

I’m used to being able to assign multiple parameters to a single CC controller (so that I can use a volume pedal to control input volume, reverb saturation and delay feedback all at once, for example) - I could conceivably assign different CC controllers to the same pedal in my Softstep, turning each one off while programming the pedal board, so that I trick the Modduo into thinking that I’m using 4 pedals at once, but that seems like an awfully long-winded way to go about it, and would mean that I had to edit the softstep every time I wanted to set up an expression pedal with an effect in the Modduo…

The scenes idea is a nice one, but still seems to be a more complicated version of just being able to assign the same controller to multiple parameters. I’ve also found this to be an issue when using two instances of a mono effect to stereo-ize the effect (I’m using two of the tremolo pedals) and wanting to turn them off at the same time… So maybe it would be possible at some point in the future to just choose an option to have a pedal install twice with the controls linkable or unlinkable (so, for example, you could have the gain locked between the two, but vary the speed of the tremolo on the two sides…)

Back to tweaking and programming!


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I came across another reason for a scene… CPU resource allocation…

Some plugins use so much of the CPU that I have to scale down other sections of my pedalboard.
Recently, I started experimenting with blending in synth sounds from the FluidGM sound generators using the Sonuus G2M note to Midi converter. The issue is that the Synth Pads plugin uses a lot of CPU so I had to scale back the rest of my pedalboard to almost nothing…
In the “scene” where I use the synth I can turn off all the other plugins so that there is enough CPU to run the synth without changing pedalboards.

I hope this implementation is going well.

This request might not be that popular since there are mostly guitar and bass players here, but still…
I think it’s awesome that you integrated the tuner in the MOD. But since i’m playing an acoustic instrument, the saxophone (i.e. when i’m “tuning” you’ll still hear me), i have a seperate tuner with me (off the stage). So, i don’t really need it on the right knob and screen. I have to say, i miss the pedalboard access via the right knob more.
Do you think it might be possible to choose in the left knob menu between Banks and Tuner for the right knob?

Oh, that’s interesting… I did not know that a saxophone needs tuning.

Oh, and despite playing guitar: I’d also like an option to choose between Tuner and Banks.

At a gig I need the tuner to be toggable with a footswitch. So I will use a separate one.

It would be great if you could choose how to activate the tuner like with the other plugins. Then I could use MIDI learn for it too.

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At a gig I need the tuner to be toggable with a footswitch. So I will use a separate one.

It would be great if you could choose how to activate the tuner like
with the other plugins. Then I could use MIDI learn for it too.

IMHO this is a must! Apart from this the tuner is great.

A “nice to have feature” would be an option to set the tuner’s base frequency +/- 6 semitones or (even better) the exact frequency in a range from 300 to 650 Hz. To allow exact settings this should be possible in 0.001 Hz steps.

Well, yes and no. ofc it needs tuning, but no saxophone is “in tune”, so you just have to work with what you got. you tune it in a range you’re comfortable and tune the rest by ear - just imagine having a guitar that doesn’t have correct fret placement.

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I’d like to suggest some possible features I really feel the lack of

  1. Macro Controls: would be great to map multiple parameters on a single knob at different ranges to control multiple parameters at once, without switching by clicking. Like it was in the old Nord Modular synthesizers.

  2. Multiple assign for footswitches: would be great to be able to map the footswitch control to multiple pedal switches with mapping possibilities Es.: when dist / chorus / delay are active then Reverb and EQ are inactive etc…

  3. have headphones as independent outputs



I would like to pipe in and say I would also like to be able to turn off multiple effects with the same footswitch - or I would like to request a stereo a/b switcher which would pretty much solve this problem for me!



Would be great to have some feedbacks about the feasibility of this feature to be seen in future upgrades, from the MOD guys!

Another idea: Enable changing pedalboard by doing a longer press of a footswitch, Could have one footswitch move to next pedalboard, the other to the previous pedalboard. Short presses would continue in their current function.


Pedalboard presets have arrived :slight_smile: