[CLOSED] Dwarf - Your preference for grip

Hi Everyone,

We’d like, once again, to ask for your contribution

We had some feedback from crowdfund backers that they would prefer that rubber grip is not attached from the factory as it can be difficult to remove if you want to replace it with velcro

While we understand that and tend to agree ourselves, that is a small sample of opinions. So we thought we could create another survey so we can get a better idea of what the majority of you want.

So please give your response to the Survey HERE :smiley:

The MOD Dwarf will come with 3 options for grip which can be attached to the bottom plate:

Rubber Grip, Velcro(loop/soft side) and Velcro (hook/hard side)

We see the value of being able to make the choice and then attach the grip yourself, however we have some concern that the underside could get scratched if a user doesn’t first attach the grip before using it. Some users may not notice that the grip was included. I know I’m guilty of throwing away important things with packaging

What do you think?


I love surveys :smiley:

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perhaps outside the scope of the Dwarf in particular, but have you ever considered an integrated mic stand mount? Headway preamps, for example, have a threaded hole integrated into the bottom plate. it’s a really useful mounting option for things that aren’t too large or heavy.


unfortunately, for the survey one needs a google account :frowning:

but: thank you for doing surveys and considering the opinions of the community!

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Survey answered. Personally I use 3M Dual Lock which I have found to be a much better way to attach pedals to a pedalboard than velcro, so my preference is for the grips to be included but not attached by default. You could include a strip of paper which loudly warns about the risk of the underside getting scratched unless users stick the grips on.


@aspiers isn’t “getting scratched” one of the primary functions of performance audio gear?! :wink:

“not getting scratched” is for the studio.


Hahah good point! :rofl:

Maybe stupid question, but what abput making thinner strips so you could deliver with rubber grip installed and still have blank surface on the dwarf to ADD the velcro if needed?

That would be the perfect combination of “delivering in a satisfying state for many users” and “leaving all possiblilities without the need to remove one part for other users”.

Or would the rubber part be in the way for those who want to attach the device with velcro?