Click noises vs. overheating


as discussed in the thread about build 2031, there is a problem with the Dwarf stopping to transmit sound after a while. It seems this is caused by overheating due to the anti-click measures.

Basically the Dwarf in the newest firmware versions has an idle processor load which apparently keeps it from clicking. That’s great. However, after a while my Dwarf stops playing at all. Shortly before that happens, it will start clicking again. This is apparently caused by some protection against overheating which will first disable the idle load when the temperature is above a certain threshold. Then after some more time it will disable the sound completely.

The CPU temperature in my Dwarf is now after a while oscillating around 80 degrees Celsius. Disabling the anti-click idle load fixes the problem - but then again, it clicks.

Is there something which can be done in software against this problem?



We are investigating this, just been a bit problematic setting up a proper test procedure where we can reliably gather data instead of going by ear.

We actually considered just replacing your unit, as what is happening to your unit is completely unexpected from our tests across many units. But we have our stock counted.

So while there is no current solution right now, it is something we are trying to find a solution for.
One of them being reducing the noise/clicks without overheating, which would be optimal.

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Thanks a lot for the answer. This is not urgent for me, just wanted to make sure this is not falling through the cracks. If it helps I can come to the office and bring my unit so that people can check what is going on.

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