Click and drag motion to cut routed cables

Hey there, MOD team.

I was wondering if it was possible to add a feature to the pedalboard editor that allowed for quick disconnects by clicking on an empty part of the board and dragging your cursor across connected lines?

I’d also request that feature be optional (non-default) with a checkbox (labeled something like Desktop Mode), and presented somewhere in the settings tab.

Having it be a default setting would be a nightmare on touch screen devices, so having it be non-default and in the settings menu would save a lot of headaches lol



The only place I see this going wrong is if someone is dragging a plug-in across the screen and suddenly the mouse cuts out for whatever reason—Bluetooth hiccup, battery dying, virtual KVM glitching, dirty left-button contacts—and a bunch of connections are cut accidentally.

Unless, of course, an “undo” option is finally implemented in the Constructor? Goodness knows I’ve needed that MANY times when accidentally deleting the wrong plug-in from a pedalboard.


+1! Would be quite the Quality of Life improvement for me!

On mobile, some extra action or setting coudl fix that (like double tapping for ecample?)
On Desktop a CTRL+ or CMD + click command could be the equivalent?


Being able to insert a plugin by dropping it onto an existing cable would also be great. And adding another delete button that preserves the existing connection between the upstream and downstream plugin would also be cool.


Hmm, I hadn’t thought of that.

Each pedal has a lightly different size and “hit box” on the board too. the tiny gain plugins are the bane of my existence sometimes. The undo feature is also desperately needed, so that would be a winning combo.

This would be great as well! A key combo would also be a smart way to go about it, as you’d need intent to engage with the feature.

I made this request because I thought it sounded simpler to implement, but what you are bringing up would actually prevent me from needing to cut cables at all lol.

I made an oopsie yesterday when constructing a board and the price was either disconnect 8 stereo plugins to drop a single plugin up the chain, or make a new board. I made a new board lmao

Whatever ends up being easiest for MOD to implement while still accomplishing a much needed improvement to workflow, is best for me lol.


Related to cable management in the UI (but not on-topic here, so apologies)… it would be amazing if clicking on a cable would highlight it somehow (change it to red, etc). I have a TON of MIDI routing happening that is really difficult to trace back when I have like 6 cables all going into a single output on the right!



I think I remember requesting color assignable cables. At the time I hadn’t considered the midi side of it.

now that you are bringing up visualization stuff… I wanna request an indicator for CV assignments.

My last board had a bunch of CV mess in it, and trying to remember what plugins were being modulated together was a struggle. A user assignable RGB indicator that pops up with a CV assignment would be incredibly helpful for a quick glance and seeing what is being modulated by a CV plugin.


Would it make sense, in order to keep audio, midi, cv, separated to have like “braided” looks for the cables, with the current color (magenta, blue etc…) being retained for one of the braids ?

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Oh yeah absolutely. Like a system level primary color for each category, and maybe an assignable secondary or teritiary color options on the cables for user assignments?

Could also maybe have the plugs be the system color and the cables be color assignable as well.

Both would be helpful for quicker navigation

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