Changing Pedalboard from midi?

Hi Guys,

I can’t seem to work out how to set the mod up to change pedalboards from midi, is this possible?

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Yes, by using MIDI program messages.
By default it uses MIDI channel 16, to avoid conflicts with usage within plugins.

If you want to customize this value you can setup a bank with the pedalboards you like, then set it to use whatever MIDI channel you prefer. (still with midi program messages).
Disconnect from the web interface (close the tab is enough), load any pedalboard from the bank you setup before using the MOD hardware and you’re set.

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Thanks for the info.

I’m still not sure how I set the program change number for each pedalboard?

The program change number is not per pedalboard, but per bank.
You need to setup a bank of pedalboards first.

Good stuff.

So it’s CC0/CC32 to select bank and then Program change for pedalboard?

You cannot select bank from MIDI, have to load it first using the mod hardware.

Great, thanks very much for all the help.


P.S… Is there a manual anywhere? I have found which has a link for a quick start guide ( ) unfortunately this link doesn’t work.

The manual (still work in progress) can be accessed via the wiki main page,

Super, thanks for that.

Sorry if it’s a totally newby question, but:
Is there a way I could cycle through my pedalboards using just one of the footswitches?
I mean, I’m preparing my MOD Duo to be an ON/OFF effect (pedalboard) at a time, so I could use the left footswitch to engage it and change the complete pedalboard with the right footswitch.
Is it possible? I could’n find a way.


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Changing pedalboards with a single footswitch on the device itself is not supported.
But with 1.7 onwards, you can easily enable and disable pedalboard footswitch navigation by opening the device menu and do a single click.

If you have external gear that can send MIDI program change messages, you can use that to switch pedalboards too.


hey @habacuque, good to see you here!

Here is the reference to what @falkTX said: If you choose to use the footswitches to change pedalboards, both of them would be taken to that task and used to move to next/previous pedalboards in the current bank.

I’m not sure if I got what you want, but maybe this could be useful as well:

If you just want to turn everything ON and OFF, you could add this Hardware bypass plugin and address it to one footswitch. This has a bonus that, when the bypass is on, it is actually a physical bypass and it’s less likely to add any interference in the sound.


Hi Leo (and all MOD team!),
Thank you for the true bypass option.
I am trying to use my MOD Duo as a part of a bigger pedalboard (as many here do) being a super crazy effect at a time (say fuzz delay envelope filter chorus and delay again) at the touch of a footswitch for playing live.

Instead of pushing buttons by hand to select different pedalboards, I’d like to just step on the footswitch. The left one would turn the entire effect On and Off, the right one would cycle through my different pedalboards.

I could add a midi foot controller to turn the effect On/Off and use the two MOD Duo switches to cycle. It’s a little different from the first question on this thread. Would that work?

And congrats on the great job developing these amazing instruments!

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Yes, counting on some small setup on your side (mapping each on/off switch to a MIDI CC via MIDI-learn function)