Change plugin preset with Midi


I recently got a Mod Dwarf and I’m enjoying it so much that it ended up knocking a few pedals off my board. I’ve ordered a Disaster Area Midi Baby 3 so that I can easily turn effects on and off (Dwarf lives on my desk, pedalboard on the floor)

However, since the Midi Baby also allows you to assign commands to long presses I was hoping to use that feature to change the preset on a specific plugin but I don’t think there is a way to do that. The only options I can think of are to duplicate the plugins and use Midi to switch between them, or to get creative with snapshots and counting.

This is possible with Control Chain and the Mod Footswitch so wondering why it isn’t possible over Midi and if it’s a feature that is on the roadmap for the future?

Thank you!


Hi @Joel_Thornhill,

Thank you a lot for the nice words and I’m happy to learn that your MOD Dwarf is being super effective on your pedalboard.

I’m not sure about this one, but maybe @falkTX has a good explanation.

Anyway, you have a work around on this. You can save each preset in a snapshot and use Program Change messages from the controller to recall each snapshot. If the controller doesn’t send Program Change, maybe you can use a infamous mindi and use the virtual midi loopback


Thanks for your speedy reply!

Yeah using snapshots is my workaround but it could get complex.
For example, if I have a Chorus with 3 presets and a Reverb with 3 presets I will need a total of 9 Snapshots to get every combination of these. Whereas being able to cycle through presets like you can with the ordinary Dwarf footswitch but via Midi would make things easier


You’re welcome.

Yes, I understand that and it’s not at all convenient. That’s why I mentioned it as a workaround.
I’m honestly not sure why the MIDI assignments are not possible here. But probably there’s a “nice reason”

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I have another workaround for this using the beta plugin Switch Trigger and then duplicating each plugin. My Midi controller cycles through each of the switches on Switch Trigger to essentially give 4 presets. It’s a bit more set up (firing multiple Midi messages to turn on/off each duplicate, assigning controls to CV so that each duplicate can be controlled) but the benefit over snapshots is that if I change the preset on my Chorus it won’t have any effect on any tweaks I’ve made on my Delay. The Mod Dwarf also seems to handle this fine, no complaints about CPU which is awesome

Writing this up in case someone else might benefit from this approach!


Hey just stumbled upon this limitation. My pedalboard is way to complex to work aroud with snapshots.

I can’t find this beta plugin Switch Trigger.