Change frames setting directly on MOD


it would be great to be able to access the frames (128 or 256) setting directly on the MOD, as well as in the browser GUI.

i occasionally switch settings during testing and could find myself stranded at a gig, needing to bump up to 256 for a complicated pedalboard (which is my most common use case), but unable to since i didn’t bring a laptop!

some of my pedalboards would be DOA at 128! :stuck_out_tongue:


I have been using 256 the whole time and don’t hear/feel a difference between the two. That may be just me…
But even if I did feel a slight difference I would probably stay on 256 because my pedalboards use so much processing power.

Do you hear/feel a difference?

the latency difference is noticeable to me, but not critical – i’m happy with the latency at 256. i usually run at that setting for two important reasons:

  1. like you, i’m often pushing the CPU limits of the Duo

  2. the oft-discussed buffer noise issue is less noticeable at 256.

…since those are both super-important to my being able to use it at all, it’s a bit nerve-wracking that i can’t control that setting on the Duo itself.

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I wish there is a way to dig in and change some settings directly from the Duo, even if it means digging through lots of menus. At least I would be able to make a change in an emergency setting. But it shouldn’t be too hard to have a menu for global things like frame… but I’m not a programmer… :stuck_out_tongue: