Change Amp channels via MIDI

Is there a ay to change channels e.g. from the purchased Marshall JCVM via MIDI?
In the channel settings there is only possible to assign to the device itself or to the control chain.

I would like that too. As a workaround you could possibly do it via snapshots, I think.

yes, that is what I do now.

…snapshots is the usual way. What else do you need, @Cipralex ?

I wonder if there is a way without snapshots.

An approach that I’ve seen listed here on the Forum for a few things is to use midi to alter a CV plugin which in turn can alter other plugins, this might work here.


ok, I will try. Thank you

Did you manage to do so?
I change channels now with snapshots, but changing channels is too slow during a song.

If you need to change during a song you may need to use two Amps in parallel and a midi commanded switch to select which one goes to the output line

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i am also change with snapshots, but it is not the best solution.