Chances to migrate to C++20 compatible compiler in mod-plugin-builder

Hi there!

Are there any chances/plans to migrate to a C++20 (at least) compatible compiler in mod-plugin-builder?
It would be helpful! :wink:


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C++20 I would find difficult, we are in the process of updating the toolchain in 1.13 to use GCC9, which brings C++17.
Using GCC10 has side effects and quite a few things break, so for the moment GCC9 is the highest we can do.

You can already build these if you use “moddwarf-new” as target in mod-plugin-builder.
The binaries won’t load in units running 1.12 or lower though.
If you are interested I can share an early build with the updated toolchain.


According to C++ Standards Support in GCC - GNU Project gcc 8 came with the first C++20 support.
Although I suppose the gcc 8/9 support for C++20 might be too rudimentary?

@scjurgen which language features do you particularly need?

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@falkTX I would like to give moddwarf-new a try. BTW, I was already using C++17 with the master branch of mod-plugin-builder and ++17 features worked fine.

@dreamer I am interested mostly in concepts, requires, iterators and numbers (already using in work related audio projects). Overall concepts makes generic templates pretty easy.


Yeah concepts needs at least gcc 10, which is unlikely to come any time soon.

The *-new targets in MPB currently use 9.4.0

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