Ceriatone King Kong pt2 and some pedals

Hi i made a few more
as well as 3 pedals.
It`s weird about the training because it always says “neural network found, continuing training” and stops at an epoch number 130-300.
Anyway, i hope that it gets smoother as we go…
Barber DD.json (53.6 KB)
Ibanez Mosfet.json (54.0 KB)
KK80s G6.json (53.6 KB)
KK Ch1 60s.json (53.9 KB)
KK Ch2 60s G6.json (53.6 KB)
KK CH2 70s G6.json (53.6 KB)
KK CH2 70s lead80s gswon.json (53.4 KB)
Benson Preamp.json (53.8 KB)


Are they amps without cab?

Yes! Can’t wait to try the Benson!

Yes!No cabs! :slight_smile:

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The AIDA-X team has released the AIDA-X Cloud: https://cloud.aida-x.cc/

Would you upload your models there? :pray:

Yes i will!

I see that they are a different extension and not .json
How is that?

Here are AIDA’s official guidelines

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