CC64, CC66, pitchbend

seems like these three MIDI messages can’t be used for MIDI-learn. can someone confirm? or am i missing something?..

thanks much! :slight_smile:

correction: CC66 works.

i think CC64 and pitchbend don’t, though.


There’s no reason why CC64 shouldn’t work.
That CC is for sustain-mode, but our code has no special case for it.
Hardware devices might treat it different though.

Pitchbend is not a MIDI CC, but we want to be able to use it as one. :slight_smile:
A future update will bring support for this.

thanks, @falkTX! i’ll do some more testing to be sure what’s going on… i have a knobs’n’pedals box i made which sends CC64, among others. i’ve used it a bunch with puredata.

i have had some instances in the MOD where a CC doesn’t get picked up in learn, and where a previously-used CC doesn’t get released when trying to learn a new one. so sometimes it’s just necessary to kill the plugin and use a new instance of it. maybe there was an old CC64-learn hanging around… i’ll check with a virgin patch and plugins.

of course, a MIDI assignment browser/editor would be super-nice! :smiley:

ok @falkTX… yes, you’re right! :slight_smile:
CC64 totally works.

sorry for the noise…