CC Display Example Error


I had some problems getting the Display example for the Arduino Shield running.
First of all, my MODDUO is updated to the latest Version 1.6.2, I also updated everything on the Arduino Uno and I run the Control Chain Protocol Vers. 0.5.1 and of course the TimerOne Lib.

Because the sample code for the “Displays”-example is not included in the Control examples i copied it from the cc-arduino-lib-master (maybe that causes the problem?).

After opening the displays.ino file i let Arduino check the code without making any changes and i get the following error!

It does the same error with ControlChain 0.5.0.

The strange thing is, that i managed to install the whole thing on my laptop with Control Chain v0.5.0 without the error, but when i use 0.5.1 on the laptop i get the same error.

And to complete the confusion: When i use the laptop with the working 0.5.0 Control Chain the Control Chain device immediately disconnects from the MOD after i assigned an effect to one of the actuators. But maybe that is a different problem.

I´m not sure if these are enough info´s, so let me know if there is something i should add.


Isn´t there anyone who has any experience with the Arduino Shield in combination with LCD Displays?