Cc buttons help

I need some help
For some reason my midi controller cc buttons act strange: when I assign a cc button, I click a button, but when I release the button it’s like it is activating the button again. So buttons are stuck like a momentary hold.
I’ve looked through my midi keyboard manual (midiplus x4 pro mini) but I can’t find a way to change its operation.
Any suggestions?

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To properly answer your question, a more detailed description of what you’re doing on Mod’s side would be needed, as well as the what your controller is doing.

For instance, if it sends a CC message with a value of 127 when you press it, does it send that same message with a value of 0 when you release it? That can be verified in your computer with a midi monitoring application (Midi Monitor for Mac, MidiOx for Win.)

Also, how is the plugin set on Mod? Most times toggling uses any value greater than 64 to activate and smaller than 64 to deactivate.

Finally, check if there’s a button mode setting available: momentary, latch, toggle etc.


Thanks for that advice - I’ll try those suggestions assp to identify what’s going on. Cheers.


Most likely your controller’s button or foot switch is configured for “Momentary”. Meaning press “On” (127) release"Off" (0).

As opposed to toggle where pressing will send “On”(127) but releasing will not send anything. You have to press the switch again to send the “Off” (0).

Most controllers use a mechanical momentary switch (the physical switch is made momentary) but the software configuration can decide if the switch acts as momentary or toggle.

Older or specialized controllers may have a switch that is mechanically set to be toggle. In this case, there is not much else you can do but use it as a toggle switch.