Capturing without reamping

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Sorry, this is probably a very noobish question, I’m not so tech-savvy regarding electronics.

While reading the capturing guide I stumbled over the need for a reamp box to match impedance between the sound interface out and the amp in.

I was wondering, if reamping is still necessary if I play the input.wav provided by MOD from the Dwarf using the audio player plugin. Or, alternatively, if I play the guitar myself into the Dwarf while

  • Dwarf out 1 goes to audio interface to record a “dry” track for input.wav
  • Dwarf out 2 goes to amp [etc.] to record a “wet” track for output.wav

Is that rubbish? :smiley:

You will probably capture the sound of your amp with a microphone?

Than your speaker is ‘taking the load’ and you are all set.
The reamping guide speaks of a loadbox for scenario’s where you don’t want to mic up and you want the sound that comes right out of the pre-amp section of your amplifier.

The upside for you is: you’re all set
the downside is: the placement and character of your microphone becomes part of the sound.

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Thanks for the reply. Maybe I’m getting you wrong, but I’m not talking about the DI box that takes the signal from the pre-amp out for cases of direct recording. I rather meant the signal path to the pre-amp - independent of whether you capture directly or by micing the cab.

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Excuse my crappy drawing skills, but I thought this might explain it better. :smiley:

Would either of these two variations yield comparable results to what is describe in the guide?