Capture my pedal

I have some amp captures in my Quad cortex that I would like in my Dwarf. I dont have an interface so need to do this with just quad and dwarf if possible. I have the input.wav file already and I am just confused to next steps.
I have dwarf player going to gain then to out 1 and 2
Both ins on dwarf connected to gains then to recorder
Quad out is connected to input 2 on dwarf
Quad input is at is connected to dwarf out 2
Dwarf input 1 is connected to output 2
Im not sure if or how to make target.wav

What do i need to do now?

Hi @Nhark

Have you seen our blog posts with detailed instructions?

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I’m wanting to use dwarf for the capture because i don’t have an interface. I was able to get a Json file and move it to Aida but there is zero sound when I try it. Feeling frustrated and confused now

My issue might be that the wav files are not the exact same. How can I make sure they are exact?

you’ll need to manually edit the file using Audacity or a similar software

OR you can try it like this;

  • one press of the button to start and stop the recorder and the there is a stereo file
  • split the stereofile in audacity

Read more about it in my article (link to the correct section but make sure you read the rest as well if oyu’re gettign serious about capturing)


I was JUST speaking to @itskais about this :slight_smile: