CAPS-Click Metronome

I tried the Click pedalboard v9.24-2 but the BPM value is a decimal number.
Would it be possible to change this plugin to get only integer values?
Would it be possible to change it to get only usual values seen on a classical metronome?

Hi Djiboun,

It is possible to create a metronome with the changes you say, but I don’t see what the reason is that the current metro won’t do what you want it to…? Perhaps I’m mis-understanding, but why is it so important to have int only BPM? Is setting the value to 120.000 not be the exact same thing?

Regards, -Harry

btw, you can double-click on the text field below the knob on any plugin settings pop-up and you’ll be able to manually enter a value.

regarding making it have only a specific set of values, yes that is possible.
what do you have in mind, specifically?