Can't load boards from bank screen in web gui

I can’t load a bank from the banks screen. the only way is to load it from the pedalboard section but you have to search for the one you want manually when you already know the one you want from the bank screen, is this right? It seems very counterintuitive to me especially when you can’t even load banks from the hardware when the web gui is open.


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Agreed - I’ve asked for this a few times… A way to load a pedalboard from the banks view. I organize my pedalboards into banks and often can’t remember what I’ve named some version of pedalboard I customized a few weeks ago. The “go to Banks view, load the bank, see the name of board, go to pedalboards view, start searching for the name, load board” dance still gives me a twinge of annoyance every time :stuck_out_tongue:

MOD Team - is this something that could be considered for a future release? It would be great to see it on a roadmap.


I only got mine recently and I was just looking through the presets on the device, then I opened the GUI and the device says I can’t access the banks while connected tro the GUI (Why btw???), so I tried to from the GUI and can’t do it from there either. Seems its been like that for years too since the beggining of the mod duo back in 2017! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: