Can't generate screenshot of a pedalboard



My main pedalboard that I’ve teaks over the nearly 2 years on my Dwarf can’t make a screenshot anymore. No problem with other pedalboards.

How to reproduce

  1. load this pedalboard in the .pedalboard folder
  2. load it in the Dwarf with the webUI
  3. click on share to se the progress of the generating screenshot
  4. you shoud see the message Generating for screenshot… (final attempt)
  5. click on share and see the red message Couldn’t share pedalboard: Failed to upload pedalboard to cloud (missing screenshot?)

Expected/suggested solution

Can I regenerate the screenshot manually ?

Here is the pedalboard :

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I think there is a time-out or a RAM-overflow. If you see that pedalboard and if you compare how long it takes to render a sinpler one, I guess this one takes too much ressources.

It was working last week with a bit heavier setup, and it is the same result if I give some room to the CPU by setting the buffer to 256… it is something else no ?

Hard to say but I’d guess that it runs a virtual browser and loads the pedalboard in order to capture screenshots. Some combination of maxing out CPU / RAM is likely happening with the additional load. Can you get the load down by disabling a bunch of stuff and then Save?

Alternatively, if you’re comfortable with using command line tools you can make your own screenshot and add it to the pedalboard data: Pedalboard file layout

hi @rom!

sorry i don’t have any brilliant solution… just confirming that i got your pedalboard loaded, and the share utility is behaving exactly the same way for me as well.

i’ve had boards with similar complexity, which have taken a very long time to generate the screenshot, but have succeeded in the end. in those cases, i never saw the Generating for screenshot… (final attempt) message.

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Hi everyone,
It seams that the height of the pedalboard was to big.
Not sure if it is hard to correct @falkTX, but sure it is NOT urgent !


huh. …this is interesting!

so, if you don’t change anything on the pedalboard except moving plugins around so it all occupies less height, then the screenshot works?

Yes !
I’ll try again later with older screenshotless backups to confirm

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