Can't Change IP Address "Read-only file system"


I have a Duo and a DuoX I’m trying to get setup with different IP Addresses however I’m running into this, “Read-only file system” message when I attempt to update the IP Address using the information found in the guide. Would someone know why the devices are defaulting to Read-only and how to get them setup so root can actually modify the files on the device?

Software Information on my devices:
Duo: v1.8.0.923-RC5
Duo X: v1.8.0.924-RC5

It is read-only by default as to prevent any plugin or process to do any random changes to the system.
Also anything you change in the system partition will be overridden next time you update.

you can mount as read-write just like you can with any regular unix system, like so:

mount / -o remount,rw

Ah! Okay thank you very much! I appreciate your help!

Using mDNS service discovery (zeroconf) is way nicer that using hard wired IP addresses. Is that something you don’t want to use for a particular reason ?