Can't change a parameter addressed to hardware

I noticed quite a long time ago that once you’ve assigned an effect toggle parameter to a stomp switch on the external footswitch, you can’t then toggle it from the web UI - it shows an error “Can’t change a parameter addressed to hardware”. I have a vague memory of asking about this years ago, and being told that it would be extremely hard to allow this for some reason. Is that still the case, and if so why? I note that it works fine with the two stomps on the Duo itself.

Aware that with the Kickstarter ongoing this is probably a really bad time to be asking non-Dwarf questions!

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This is not a limitation for addressings made to the MOD unit (Duo or Duo X) but still applies to control chain devices.
We had to rework quite a bit of our work to allow for this.
We have not done it for the control chain protocol yet.

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Ahah yes, I thought I remembered it being impossible on the Duo itself so I was pleasantly surprised the other day to notice that it’s now possible. Great to know that it’s on your radar for the control chain too.