Can't Build My Plugins For Mod Dwarf

Hi everyone

I don’t know if anyone can help. So far I have written two very minor plugins just for myself. A midi note mapping plugin so I can change (for instance) a noteOn 37 to a noteOn 52 to trigger note 52 by pressing note 37 on midi hardware (I call it gmdrummap), and another very simple which will play a configurable chord if it receives a specific note input. The former I managed to write and install on to the mod 9 months ago. But now when I go back, every time I build and try to get it to work on the mod when I try to add it to a pedalboard I get

I think the C is ok because it works in the development environment (jalv + jack keyboard + catia + midiSnoop) and everything works as it should. Therefore I’m thinking it must be some problem with my makefiles in the mod-build system.

I think it might be something to do with the rules - I get “make[2]: Nothing to be done for ‘all’.”- but I dont know really.

The code + all the makefiles etc is at:

and it can be cloned from: Bitbucket

If anyone could offer any pointers to what I am doing wrong I would be soooooo grateful!

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I may not be of much help, but who knows we might get lucky. First thing I was going to suggest you’re already doing so you’re flying. (Building for the PC and testing there, that usually throws up my stupid errors.)

I’m suspicious of the “Nothing to be done for all” message. I think the build system, (buildroot?) won’t make a fresh copy of a plugin unless you dump the version. That might be your problem. So if you make a change to code, but don’t bump version nothing will be built. I don’t like bumping the version so my build command on linux always starts by cleaning out the old build directory in ~/mod_workdir:

./build moddwarf myPlugin-dirclean; ./build moddwarf myPlugin && ./build moddwarf myPlugin-publish

So clean out the old built version, build again && publish. You’re probably aware of that and doing it, but the error message made me think of it. I never usually bump the version just start with dirclean

Sorry for slow reply - but this is exactly the problem - I found that when copying my files over to the moddwarf build folder - i had inadvertantly copied the .so file from my dev folder (where I just compile on ordinary ubuntu). I didnt realise there were options to clear the folder without doing the bump version business. Is the myPlugin-dirclean parameter something you’ve developed yourself or part of the build system? Anyway thanks very much for this