Cannot upgrade MOD Footswitch from firmware 0.3.0 to 0.4.1

Hi everybody,

I’m ressucitating my older MOD hardware and am having an issue with the MOD footswitch (upgrading the MOD Duo required a factory reinstall, but that went smoothly). I did the following:

  • With the web editor up, click on the update icon. The message “One of your connected Control Chain devices is using outdated firmware, please update.” comes up.
  • Hit the “Download” button.
  • The “Control Chain Device Update” window comes up. I follow the instructions:
  • Disconnect the MOD Footswitch’s Main RJ45 connector.
  • Hold down the leftmost switch on the device.
  • Connect the footswitch to the back of my MODDuo using a mini-USB to USB-A cable.
    Nothing happens. Both displays stay dark.

I’ve also tried connecting the USB-A plug to a computer while holding the leftmost switch down (direct connection, no hub involved), but the displays stay dark and no mass storage device shows up.

What am I doing wrong? Has someone had similar issues? I’ve seen some posts on the forum, but in their cases, the displays would show signs of life (gray bars and the like). Mine are completely dark, as if the device is not getting any power.

Please help!


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