Cannot manage CV ports with `Calf Monosynth` in the patch

Yes it’s a Beta plugin again, but a very strange bug.

When this plugin is loaded I am unable to select the CV ports with Manage CV ports on.

Probably something in the modgui of this plugin that is interfering. I don’t see anything in the .js console or in the mod-ui debug log.

Can someone test/confirm?
Simply having any plugin with CV output + this plugin will show this behaviour.

calf modguis are notoriously bad as they mess up with the global CSS. That could be the reason.
plugins are supposed to only register CSS for their own namespace, in order to avoid conflicts like these.
there is a plan/ticket for us to update these GUIs, but other things have come first in terms of priority.



At least now this bug is documented somewhere :#

@falkTX Sorry to resurrect an old post (the joys of search).

Is there a list of these troublesome plugins somewhere?

Now I’ve got the mod-sdk running, I’d be happy to try and increase the specificity of the CSS to help them become usable. Please let me know the list, and the repo where you’d like the changes committed.

Of course, I can start with the Calf Monosynth :slight_smile:

Update: I think I found the list mod-lv2-data/plugins-fixed/calf-bad.lv2 at master · moddevices/mod-lv2-data · GitHub its a big one :joy: .

My general plan was to refactor the shared selectors like .calf to fall under .calf-monosynth all the way down. That way the styles, js, etc should only affect the one plugin. Does that sound about right?


@falkTX I’m wondering which repo is best to create a PR for changes to the Calf Monosynth HTML and CSS. Is it GitHub - moddevices/mod-lv2-data: MOD LV2 data (plugins, presets and pedalboards) ?

Also, after creating the PR, what are the steps between review → available in the store?

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that would be the place yes, with monosynth living in mod-lv2-data/plugins-fixed/calf-bad.lv2 at master · moddevices/mod-lv2-data · GitHub

for updating plugins for the moment it is just me reviewing those manually, so you would just ping me about it

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