Cannot install pedalboard from the web when on WiFi


When dwarf is connected via WiFi, cannot connect to it

How to reproduce

  1. Connect the device to WiFi as explained here
  2. Check the UI at http://moddwarf.local - OK
  3. In the same browser, open
  4. Chose pedalboard and select “Try Now”
  5. Install Pedalboard - MOD Devices opens with the message:
    “Installation failed! Please make sure your MOD device is connected so you can access the UI from this same browser. Also you must be running the latest release.”

Expected/suggested solution

A little debugging shows, it was trying to talk to and ..51.1 but not to moddwarf.local maybe just adding this address in webapp would solve it.

Additional information

  • release:
  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Browser: Chome
  • wifi adapter: ASUS USB-AC51

Thanks for reporting, yet we are already aware of this.
That’s on of the reasons why WiFi implementation is still experimental.