Can the stereo input on mod dwarf be split into 2 mono channels?

So I’ve been trying to figure out a way to process 2 mono signals from my semi modular gear through one input.

So far I have failed every time.

Right now I’m attempting to use a 1/8” to 1/4” adaptor for the dwarf, with a 1/8th stereo breakout cable into the synths.

Unfortunately I am only able to process the Strega, and hear nothing from my 0-coast with this set up. So I can hear either the left or right mono input, but I can’t get both.

I was hoping to be able to process four mono synths through 2 inputs.

Is this achievable with the MOD Dwarf, or am I failing through the adaptor?

My bluebox allows me to run a stereo or 2 mono inputs off a single jack, and also has 2 mono effects sends out of output #2

I’m still a pretty big noob when it comes to audio and routing. Currently I am just using sends from my bluebox to the dwarf, but that only allows me to apply effects to 2 of my synths at a time.

I’m gonna keep experimenting to see if I can get it to function the way I want, but figured I’d ask about this feature before I dumped more time or money into solving this.


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Audio inputs and outputs of the Dwarf are mono, which I think would explain the behaviour you are experiencing.

I think when users refer to using MOD Devices devices in stereo they are routing the 2 independent mono I/O together to achieve a single stereo pair.

Hope that helps


Ah, that makes way more sense. I was wondering why there wasn’t a L/R channel on the inputs in the GUI.

Sounds like I need more gear to accomplish what I want :confused:

MOD team, any chance this can be addressed in firmware, or am I gonna have to buy a DUO X?

Also open to trades :wink:

Just to say DUO X is also 2 mono I/O. (But it does also have CV in)

There are some other forum members using an external usb audio card to extend the I/O. Might be an option?

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That much I figured. If I want to have the ability to apply affects, I’ll need to snag either a duo x or a second dwarf. I’m leaning towards the duo x just for the added power and extra controls on the interface.

I have gear I need to sell, so I can probably make that happen provided I put the Moog triple rack on hold.

I am guessing that the inputs are hardware limited on mod devices. Would be amazing if down the road we get a dual stereo mod device, then my woes would be over and my wallet heavier.


In reference to what FalkTX mentioned in another discussion thread, it may be possible in the future to connect a USB audio card to the Mods to gain additional inputs and outputs.

This would definitely answer your wishes :wink:


Sounds like I’m S.O.L. For a while with a hopeful fix through potential additional hardware.

Good to know to not use my polysynths with this lol

Those with more Linux knowledge than me have got it working for their setups already.

Check this thread from post #15 onwards More audio inputs? - #15 by Klaustrophil


Thank you for that!

Sounds like they already have an idea about how to handle this, and I have a spare audio interface.

I will just be patient for now, but am still considering a duo x if this feature becomes available


Nope. This is the hardware circuitry and therefore it can’t be changed via firmware. That is the same way on the DuoX.

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HEY! You guys cut this out! You’re summoning up my evil-twin techie junkie

Is the USB audio interface solution in the linked thread going to be implemented in software?

I didn’t realize the inputs were mono, and am trying to get more inputs on the dwarf.

Duo X has the same two mono inputs as Dwarf. It looks like you just need a simple hardware mixer between all your synths and Dwarf.

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There are plans for that. But I’m not sure how far or close is that on the roadmap and priorities list. I believe that there are a few users that successfully tested it. Maybe @falkTX can give us more accurate info on both matters.

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We have all the needed tools for this already made.
It is mostly a matter of putting the automatic pieces together so that:

  1. feature can be [de]activated as needed
  2. insertion of usb interface triggers the right stuff in the system to make it appear as extra IO on pedalboard
  3. make sure to handle usb-audio-card mode and extra IO at the same time, somehow

Some quick tests with a USB interface, this seems to work:

jack_load mod-usbgadget_p zita-j2a -i "-d hw:1 -p 128 -n 4"
# sometimes restart of webserver needed
systemctl restart mod-ui

The lack of mixer controls is a real problem though, not all interfaces have hardware gain controls but expose those in software instead.


This would be extra cool!

I think the ability to have multiple outputs would be so awesome that I wouldn’t care if it wasn’t ideal with some interfaces. Most interfaces can be set in software, then unplugged and replugged elsewhere to maintain those settings. Just having the separate outputs would really open up the possibilities.