Can Plugins show Control Values?


I’ve been wondering in my 2 days testing the Mod Dwarf, If it’s possible to add a feature to the Pedalboard constructor which shows the current value of any Parameter of a plugin?

Most Plugins I’ve seen, don’t show the Range of a specific Parameter on the surface of the Pedal.
So everytime i want to setup a compressor for instance, I need to check the info box to see the available range (takes too much time!!)

But knowing the Full Range still doesn’t allow me to set a speficic value for the Ratio of the compressor.

What If i wanted to have a 4.2:1 ratio on the Compressor? Is it even possible? Are there Steps?

This problem exists for many plugins - another one: specific Delay Times - the Bollie Delay is the only one that shows the actual values!!

A simple solution would be to see the value as a pop-up next to the mouse whenever you hover over the specific parameter.

Another Idea would be to have a fixed little window somewhere in the bottom layer of the constructor that shows the value of whatever your mouse is on at that moment.

Hope this will be worked on, as it would speed up the process and make it more accurate!

Vale :trumpet:


Quite agree with you !!!

I think this thread could be moved to the request feature section of the forum, no ?


I’m mapping it out @Vale. Thanks for the feedback.

I believe someone already did it @Rom (no?)


Yep, but it was not, a moderator probably made the change


I did it :slight_smile:

Also - I have quite a long list of things that could be improved / added to the GUI. Should I make a new thread for them or add them here or write you an email? @jon
Probably some of them have already been addressed but I don’t feel like searching through threads endlessly to find them.

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Sorry for the late reply @Vale.
I’ve been on vacation and just now I manage to come here for a quick catch-up.
Thanks for helping with @Rom issue.

I would suggest you create a different post/topic on the feature requests sub-category for that.
Before that, please take a look if there’s no topic like “Web GUI improvements” or so.

Don’t do it endlessly, but take like 5min to do it before posting (or less). Just to avoid duplicating topics

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