Can I use CV plugins to followup the sampled sound envelope

I like autowah effect on my tenor sax (should not be over used) and was usinf an Electro Harmonix one on my physical pedal board. The auto wah plugins found in the store are not working well with the sax, wah effect is not triggered even boosting the gain. I tried the CV tools and by connecting the Frequency or Wah parameter to a CV output and it works well when using the “Control to CV” or the "AMS LF02* but its not triggered by the sound of the sax. I tried “Audio to CV” that generates a dynamic change in the parameter but it is not controllable even using the multiplier tool. Question: is there a CV plugin or a combination of CV plugin that can be used to modulate the wah parameter dynamically following the sound sampled from the instrument ?

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hi Aimmi,

Which autoWah did you tried ? I only tried this one with guitar, the sensitivity should do what you need :

There sure is a way to convert your signal volume into CV, I intend to try this to alter tremolo speed, but did get the time to dive into this for now, but very interested in the way to get this done !

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Thanks I tried guitarix and fomp, will check this one

I will check this one. I ll let you know if I can find a setup to control the wah effect with the CV plugins.