Can i connect Dwarf on IPAD as i do with my Windows Pc?

I want to connect via USB my Dwarf with the IPAD ( 8 generation).

Is it possible?

Î connect it with my Adroid Tablet very often. So it should work with an iPad as well. You can connect it via Bluetooth (is this available on an iPad…?)

I hope find a good bt dongle, compatible with

This wiki page should help steer you in the right direction.

I saw. Thank you anyway.

oh… @Aurex sorry for the late response, I’ve been travelling last day. Is your problem solved?

Apple makes the “Camera Adapter” which gives the iPad a USB A connector and a Lightning port for keeping the iPad charged.

Use that to connect to the Dwarf. It works perfectly, I do this all the time.

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NO way to let the Dwarf communicate via bluetooth.
Two dongles buyed.
Both of them in your compatibility list.
Dwarf recognize the dongle. WIth the mac number in the display…status:starting but no Android no IOS find it

Please help me. There’s something weird in the Dwarf.

The dongles are

TP-Link Nano USB Adapter UB5A Bluetooth 5.0

Made in China dual mode Bluetooth 5.0 (software support Realtek driver)

Dear friend, at last i connected the tp link (the trick is plug it only with Dwarf turned on.
it’s a miserable link ( i got 128 gb Ipad 8 generation…) if i try to zoom in an element in my pedalboard, it change the web page, and reconnect…
no way to load snapshots of my pedalboard. No way at hall. If i try to go to Snapshot>Load/manage the result is a incredible slow response and it doesn’t allow you to load nothing. Only tre buttons in the lower part Rename-Delet-Assign all.

And Load??? Where is???
I click in the name in the middle, et voila, the list of all snapshots.
Clik on it, try to change but nothing change at all.

Dear MOD, please, be honest and give us an help. Bluetooth is a mere mirage if you want to work with it no matter live or studio.
I don’t know what thinking about it. Just the rage and throw out the window.

PS if you try to pan the screen with the fingers…boom, connection out and reload the page.
Think you can be affordable for a professional use?

Maybe you could try another browser?

On my cheap android tablet everything is working fine

OR you could use a wifi usb dongle on the dwarf, there are the instructions on the wiki

I use IPAD only for Korg Wavestation and its audio latency.
By bluetooth is unusable, sorry.

It’s slow, slow response, buggy gesturing behaviour.
I love Dwarf but seems that something is wrong with it.

I cannot save snapshot’s modifications using only Dwarf ando for me, for my work it’s a problem.

What about the wifi that you suggest me?

Anyway, using live, i should have a dummy wifi network to support the communication between both devices and it’s not easy do it

I guess your ipad can act in “access point”, or “tethering”, or however they call it

For bluetooth and its protocol, there is not tethering or other mode, it’s not wifi at all.

And Dwarf acts, using both usb or bluetooth, as a network connection (that is for sure…)

Yes, I was talking about wifi and the supposed need to carry an access point with you.

I had this nightmare using a Behringer X12 with an access point in tour…if you play under 4G antennas that cover all the radio space in your venue…the wifi goes crazy…and you the same…