C++ - Linking issue?

Hi Guys,

So this is what I am getting when mod-host tries to load the plugin:

lilv_lib_open(): error: No lv2_descriptor’ or lv2_lib_descriptor' in /home/andrewcapon/.lv2/lv2pftci-stereopanner.lv2/stereopanner.so

The makefile line I have is:

lv2pftci-stereopanner.lv2/stereopanner$(LIB_EXT): stereopanner.cpp lv2-c++-tools/lv2plugin.cpp
	$(CC) $^ $(BUILD_CXX_FLAGS) $(LINK_FLAGS) -Ilv2-c++-tools -lm -lstdc++ $(SHARED) -o $@

Anyone any idea why these are not getting exported?

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is lv2_descriptor marked as exportable visible symbol?
maybe these “lv2-c+±tools” have a bug. does it work on desktop?

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It works on linux If I use the package install, if I directly compile link the cpp file though it doesn’t.

I added __attribute__((__visibility__("default")))

and now getting:

lilv_plugin_instantiate(): error: No plugin <http://lv2plug.in/plugins/lv2pftci-stereopanner> in <file:///home/andrewcapon/.lv2/lv2pftci-stereopanner.lv2/stereopanner.so>

So one step further!


Final problem was the uri in the descriptor being different to the manifest, doh.