Building a Backing Track Player

For my upcoming solo-performances I´d like to use a
“Backing Track Player” - instead of taking my whole Computer/DAW with right on the stage and on tour.

I figured out, that I can play more than one audio-files by using multiple “Audio File”-Plugins and aside of that, MIDI-files with “MIDI File”-Plugins - that looks promising =)

…so, I thought maybe I can build a “Backing Track Player” myself, if I still have to figure some things out at first, so here my questions:

  1. I will need to start several play-buttons on the Plugins same-time, but can´t remember how to do that. Wasn´t there a forum-thread/tipp how to do exactly that by linking the MIDI-out to the MIDI-in? Found that work-around in the WIKI, but I´d rather would use the Buttons on the MOD :thinking:

  2. Does the MIDI Player-Plugin support Tempo-Changes within a song, as I xport them with my DAW?

  3. If I load the MIDI Player-Plugin with a MIDI-track containing automation information for automating program-/control-changes (for controlling hardware on stage) - is the plugin able to interpret and forward it?
    Or ow would I do it? I´d like to automate diverse parameters of my MOD Device, and some external Hardware…

Thanks for answering!

More information on whats a “Backing Track Player”:
Backing Track Player are available as stand-alone hardware
or in form of software, out on the market to purchase, like:

… the most professional would be the B.Beat by M-Live:

product (german)

… and a handful of software products, like:
Apps (Anroid & IOS) and Programs (Windows, Apple) - which require at least some smartphone or tablet

like Stage Traxx 3, etc.

“Backing Track Players” usually feature…

  1. a multi-channel audio track (eg. some synced tracks consisting of 1 drum-track, 1 for the metronome (Click-Track) and 1 incl. the rest of the sound…
    … the Click-Track could be realised as a MIDI-Temp-Track too…

  2. a MIDI-track for automating program-/control-changes (for controlling hardware on stage)

  3. a video player and maybe too,

  4. a DMX-over-MIDI track

  5. …lyrics reader (not needed)


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