Build 2102

New build!

Far too many things to list here in regards to system changes, basically all the stuff that went into 1.10-RC1 and 1.10-RC2 now applies to dwarf too. They are in sync.
Additionally, dwarf specific controller changes:

  • align all popups to the middle of the screen
  • change LED colours in navigation mode
  • align navigation mode to the left side of the screen.
  • new icon for selected pedalboards
  • increase the timeout for attention overlay messages
  • use dimmed LEDS for inactive status when the actuator is assigned
  • add led feedback when snapshots are changed in navigation mode
  • add info + Bluetooth menu’s
  • turn on LEDs for selectable items in menu mode
  • improve actuator queue, do not miss critical events
  • improve menu button response, cache items and reload only when changed from settings
  • improve tap-tempo LED behaviour
  • correct encoder decimals on screen
  • fix subpages not resetting when loading new pedalboard
  • fix device lockup when pressing the menu button right after boot

Did the update and now my Dwarf is doing that thing again where it shows signal in and out of 1, in on input 2 but no output on out 2. Doing a hardware reboot now.

I did the update but now I can’t see the GUI when I connect my Dwarf USB to my PC; the browser says “This site can’t be reached” using http://modduo.local/ and

hmm this might need the steps described at Troubleshooting Windows Connection - MOD Wiki

btw modduo.local wont work for the dwarf, it uses moddwarf.local instead

Good to know. I will bookmark that one as well since I have both devices. For what it’s worth, it still did not connect successfully with http://moddwarf.local/ either. My Device Manager is already recognizing the Mod Dwarf as a Network adapter, and the driver is up to date.

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It started working. Not sure why but I am able to connect to connect.

brilliant release! love it so far…

works nice n stable so far for me